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Welcome to Apadana.

It is our pleasure to take you on an extraordinary journey that spans the globe and shares with you a world of cultural mystique through exquisite hand-knotted, one-of-a-kind, antique area rugs.

Apadana Fine Rugs carries Connecticut’s finest hand-knotted rugs. Proudly offering a unique and broad selection of antique, vintage, and modern rugs. With the addition of our brand new store in Norwalk, CT, the Alidadi family is delighted to serve designers, architects, and clients all over Connecticut. Apadana has served and pleased its customers with many outstanding and one of a kind pieces for over three decades.

Apadana Fine Rugs was founded by brothers Mohsen and Mike Alidadi in 1980. The rug business has been part of the Alidadi family for three generations. It all begun in Iran, and from there the rug business has expanded across the seas. Opening its first location in New York City in the early 80s. Mohsen and his brother Mike have gone the extra mile to bring the best of the best to their customers. A broad selection of names, hand-knotted, and one of a kind rugs is what Apadana brings to the table, creating a unique and satisfying experience to their customers. At Apadana, custom made rugs are one of its specialties. Colors, fibers and dimensions of any rug are one of the services that the Alidadi brothers offered.

Mike Alidadi has gained experience throughout the years and in turn, made a name for himself in the business. France, Italy, London, are among places where Mike has visited to find the best rugs. Skill in design is one of Mike’s outstanding strengths. With an extraordinary eye for fashion, he strives to highlight and provide an artistic and structural view on every single piece that Apadana carries. This has become a trademark for Apadana Fine Rugs, giving you a sense of trust and support to make sure you select the right piece for your home, or institution.

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